The Camo


The Camo

SwampBuck is changing the shape of camo! SwampBuck has two unique and copyrighted patterns in production.

The “Passion” Camo is our original design that is nod to the old camouflage designs of the past with deer added into the pattern itself. It is made up of elements of a hunt in the North-woods; ferns, oak trees and leaves and six different bucks in the pattern. We hope it reminds you of your own hunting experiences.

Our second camouflage design is our “Swamp” pattern. This pattern is a design that is a modern take on camouflage that is designed to maximize visual confusion to hide the hunter’s silhouette. The pattern has the right amount of balance of light and dark hues that help the pattern function in both light and dark conditions. The pattern will blend into multiple backgrounds. The pattern has a static background with a dual-color oak pattern overlay, this gives the pattern depth and allows it to work on the ground or in a tree. The Swamp pattern is designed to work in any terrain, any light and create the visual confusion that will allow the hunter to remain unseen to their prey!

We currently are in production with three colors; our ‘Deep woods’ green pattern; ‘Highland’ gray pattern and the orange ‘Blaze’ pattern (in certain fabrics).

Our snow, marine and pink patterns are also created and waiting production or license.

Our copyrighted and novel designs immediately capture the attention of the whitetail hunter and can help set your product apart from the herd. If your company is looking for a way to differentiate itself and appeal to the loyal and passionate hunting demographic – SwampBuck™ Camo can help!

Contact SwampBuck™ about licensing and partnering with a unique brand that is changing the shape of camo. We help hunters GET THAT BUCK, we can help you too!