About Swampbuck


About SwampBuck

SwampBuck Camo, LLC is a privately held company headquartered in the North-woods of WI. SwampBuck provides unique/proprietary camouflage designs for both casual and hunting apparel with design and function that are meant to appeal to the avid deer hunter.

Hunting is a not just a sport, it is a lifestyle. It is passed down from one generation to the next. Some of our best memories of our loved one’s center on the hunting camp which is probably why hunting becomes such a passion for many of us. Opening weekend in Wisconsin, is just as much about the camaraderie with family and friends as it is about the hunt. The food, the stories and card-playing all provide great memories to go along with a successful harvest.

It is in the spirit of that passion that SwampBuck was created. In 2017 we launched with our “Passion Pattern” line of clothing with various T-Shirts and Hats based on this unique novelty pattern. The passion pattern is a unique graphic montage of what is ingrained in our DNA – whitetail deer hunting and the pursuit of the elusive Swamp Buck.

While the company was founded in 2013, it really started back in 1958 with this photo to the right.

This picture is of my Dad (David), his brother (my Uncle George) and his sister (my Aunt Nancy). The passion for deer hunting runs through generations and when we found this photo I knew where it started for my family. My Grandpa John shot this Buck in the winter of 1960, before processing it froze so they took advantage of the position the deer froze in to take some family photos! I mean why not right? Seems like a logical thing to do – well maybe in WI. Fast forward another 20 years and my Dad would do the same thing with a buck of his own… and a little more flair!


Dad was the original SwampBuck. It was from Dad where I first heard the term “Swamp Buck” – referring to a big wily Buck that grew old evading us by heading to the Swamp. So, what do you do to GET THAT BUCK when they head to the swamp? You drive it! I can’t count the hours on stand while Dad and our long-time family friend Gary drove the swamps in hopes of kicking out one of those Swamp Bucks to us. Great memory’s that I carry with me yet today and it is with this inspiration combined with our passion of deer hunting that we bring to SwampBuck.

We strive to make the best MADE IN THE USA camo that is most comfortable, quiet and weather proof gear to help you GET YOUR BUCK!